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About the faculty

In 1913, the founding act of the Academy of High Commercial and Industrial Studies, promulgated through Royal Decree no. 2978 from the 6th of April 1913 published in the O.M. no. 12 from the 13th of April 1913, stated in the 1st article, letter c, the mission of the specialization -  Public Administration: “educate public servants for public administration`s economic needs”.

Starting with the academic year 1995- 1996 this tradition was renewed by creating the Public Administration specialization within the Management Faculty and later, in 2003 the Administration and Public Management Department was born.

In the 2010-2011 academic year, the Faculty of Administration and Public Management was established as a result of the efforts and achievements of all members of the  Administration and Public Management Department, that proved professionalism, tenacity and ambition by managing to configure one of the most attractive public administration programs in Romania.

The faculty`s mission consists in training higher education specialists in the central and local public administration field and scientifc research area.

The subjects included in the curricula are aimed at:

  • Allow students gather general knowledge  in the public administration field, with special focus on administrative, economic and juridical sciences.
  • Train and enhance students skills to become carrer public servants, capable of integrating themselves in public administration institutions and authorities, thus satisfying a real demands  of higher education specialists in this field.
  • Enhancing an antreprenorial vision in the public affairs filed.

Theoretical knowledge is combined with practical activities carried out in the faculty`s four laboratories and through interneships. Thus students have the opportunity to merge theoretical knowledge with practical activities.

The bachelor degree curricula is aimed at developing the economic, managerial and juridical dimension of students education, by enhancing the abilities of future public servants and managers to coordinate the changes generated by the reform process and to manage public institutions`interest in accordance with citizens` and business environment expectations.